Thesis Collage

This is a collage of the various African Leadership Academy Theses. The ALA Thesis is a continuous assessment that all ALA students engage in over two years at the Academy. Each term, students submit two portfolio pieces and a written reflection, in which they consider what they have learned through the work they have selected and discuss how they have developed in a particular Trait during that term. Towards the end of their first year, students add the additional lens of an African issue they care about to their reflections and portfolio submissions. At the end of Y2, the Thesis culminates in a 45 minute presentation and discussion, in which students explore how they have grown as a leader, explain how they have been able to use the ALA curriculum to develop their understanding of a particular issue and envisage how they will impact the African continent as they make plans for the future.

Theses are reflections on their learning in various sectors, or interdisciplinary challenges and opportunities, which we believe need to be activated by African leaders, through strategic collaboration, for the betterment of our continent. The sectors are: Anzisha, Building Africa, Creative Industries & Heritage, Education, Green Revolution, Healthcare, Public Sector & Civil Society.

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Building Africa

Creative Industries & Heritage


Green Revolution


Public Sector & Civil Society

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