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  1. shashankarao says:

    Hi Buhe
    Thank for you being an engaging and hilarious advisory son. I love your curiosity and interest in unraveling the mysteries of this world. The day you broke open your computer was the day I realized that you will be a great engineer / innovator. I hope you get to your dream school. Lots of love from your advisor, Mr. Shashanka. Stay safe and awake both literally and metaphorically.


  2. Dr. Kgagudi says:

    I will continue to tell you that you thesis topic is the most relevant to our current context. You have the potential to really make a huge impact on Zimbabwe, on the continent and the world through your big and bold ideas. Continue growing and developing the skills to bring those dreams to reality, Buhe. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you, and your humour, over the past two years. As Mr. Shashanka says, “Stay safe and awake both literally and metaphorically.” 😂
    -Dr. Kgagudi


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