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  1. Dr. Kgagudi says:

    I’ve really appreciated getting to know you through ACE this year, Yasmine! You are incredibly organized, knowledgeable and not afraid to lead through your actions. Your leadership at events – like Christmas Gala or Valentine’s Soiree – ensured that the event happened. Good luck with life beyond our ALA walls, and please stay in touch 🙂
    – Dr. Kgagudi


  2. Rakiya Sanusi says:

    Aisha many many congratulations. You have done us proud. May God continue to guide, protect and bless you as you go through your life’s trajectory and ambitions. Keep focused and always aim for the top dont let anything stop you. You can do it. And you have proven time and time again that you can and ypu did. Well done. Go girl!!!


  3. Rakiya Sanusi says:

    Fwd: Aisha dear! Graduating already. Where has the time gone? I can’t tell you how very proud of you we are. You’ve overcome all challenges to get to this point. From facing your shyness by becoming a prize winning debater, to most recently coping with the isolation and separation from family that this global lock down has forced on you. You’ve done it with dignity and endurance and just quietly gotten on with your exams like a trooper. Congratulations for coming through it all and for the wonderful young woman you have grown into. The world, as they say, is your oyster now. And I know it is people like you who will ensure it becomes a better place for all. God bless. We love you! Aunty Adwoa


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