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  1. Moitse Moatshe says:

    Congratulations ngwanaka! I am proud of you and the person that you are becoming. Ke motlotlo ka wena, ke a go rata gape ke go eleletsa masego le matlhogonolo. Keep being passionate, and strong willed nnaka.
    Ka lorato le le tona tona,



  2. Moitse Moatshe says:

    I forgot to *vosho uncontrollably*, *cue in Matrokisi*, *say HAIBOOO YEBOO!*


  3. Chimfeka O says:

    Khumoooo!!! You are living proof there is a good kind of crazy!! 😂
    Never forget to keep being authentic to yourself, no matter what the boring and conforming people say!


  4. Mrs Eta says:

    Congratulations Khumo! Well done on your achievements! Be unstoppable and keep reaching for the stars! 💥


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