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  1. vicki.k@nplawyers.co.ug says:

    My dearest Joshua,

    Ebenezer, thus far has the Lord brought us. Life is a journey and the future is always here and now.
    Many years ago, with our little mustard seed faith, we embarked on this journey of your formal education and through it all, you did very well.
    I am so proud of you Mr. Simwogerere! Your maturity, resilience and strength of character!
    May your graduation be a memorable one, a bridge to your next milestone!
    May the Lord lead you on as always!
    Congratulations and the Lord bless you and keep you and look on you with favour.
    🍾 🎉


    1. Uncle John says:

      It’s only yesterday that I remember dropping you at Agakhan school occasionally. It’s hard to believe that you’re now entering adulthood. I’m proud of the way you’re turning out. May you put God first in this amazing journey of life……..Uncle John


  2. Monica Kasirye Kavuma says:

    Congratulations Joshua, your curiosity and determination to go where no one has ventures amazes me. As you come into the world, may God ‘s hand continue to guide as you apply yourself with wisdom and forthrightness. Congratulations on this milestone.


  3. Kavuma Nkwanga says:

    Kulika Simwogerere! Gakyali mabaga. This is only one of many strides you are making in life, and it is a source of much pride to your family. May your work and effort continue to bring light, hope and joy to others. And may the sweat from your long days of labour and sleepless nights always reward you abundantly. Congratulations, Kulika! Kojja Kavuma


  4. Christine Jagwe says:

    My Dear godson Joshua,
    You are one of the most brilliant people I know and I fancy your outgoing character and positive charm . I am proud of you and congratulations on accomplishing such an outstanding milestone. I pray for success as you embark on a new stage of your life. This the beginning of a wonderful story.


  5. Justine Sembatya says:

    Congratulations Joshua 🤗
    Thanks for making us proud.
    You look so amazing in the graduation gown, your hard work and dedication have paid off and I trust that the sky is not the limit for you Joshua. May this be a stepping stone to a happy fulfilled life.
    To God be the glory
    Auntie Justine


  6. Simon Peter Lubowa says:

    Congrats Josh!!!!!
    You’ve come a long way, but your halfway there on your journey to do great things!! Take a victory lap, then soldier on….


    1. Victoria Katamba says:

      Thank you Kojja Peter


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